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Breaking News:  "Riddle of the Sphinx" included on NYC Factory Fast Compilation "Subway Rock"  to be released March 17, 2015 -- See Details Here
This is the official UVTraveler  website!  We  are  SF Bay Area recording artists creating original 21st Century Classic Rock inspired by music from the last four decades and beyond.
Selected Tracks from the New CD -- UVTraveler -  "UVtraveler"
UVTraveler - "Annabel Lee "  on NYC's Factory Fast January 2015  Acoustic Arsenal Compilation "One More Thing"
Day After Day -- A short slideshow
Special Thanks to Shaun G. from The Prog Mill (Stafford, UK), Shekky from KUSF (San Francisco) in Exile, Larne from Prog Alley (UK), ARFM in London, DJKareBear (from Waco, TX) at KRM radio, Andy from Honey For Your Ears (SoundArt Radio, UK), Matt from K1776 (Texas), Stephen and Anne from "Unsigned Madness" in England, Rocker's Dive Radio out of Wisconsin,  EDA Radio out of Scotland, Lonely Oak Radio (California), and The Rock Show (Wales) for recent airplay!  Day After Day, Riddle of the Sphinx, St. Andrew's Fall, Traveler, Rebekkah, Annabel Lee, and Candlelight have all received airplay in the last two months!
We are now an artist supporter of KRM Radio worldwide internet radio!   Please listen in at  KRM Radio
UVTraveler  c.2014