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Randy's Musical Musings
April 25, 2017

UVTraveler : Year of  Stormchaser

Hi all,

We hope you join us in support of our second release "Stormchaser."  New videos, webcasts, and live shows are coming and we hope to see you there live or virtually! If you haven't experienced Stormchaser yet, read one of our reviews on that explains it all : UVTraveler Stormchaser Review  (

Our sound will continue to get heavier and more focused over his next year.  We hope you all enjoy it!!

Ultraviolet vinyl coming in Summer 2017 as a best of the first 2!!

More soon......

Stu Hamm (world-reknowned bass legend who appears on "Traveler"  and James Boblak (our engineer)  with our debut CD!